Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Add some fabulous colours to your bathroom

The aesthetics and ambience of your home should express your personality. Choosing a customized theme, furniture and accessories are all part of the process that makes all the difference. We believe Interior Design Services and the way your home looks altogether speaks about your personality. Here at Framework, we pay close attention to your likes and dislikes in order to create a space that directly reflects you as a person. Make sure it is welcoming and warm for your guests but more importantly for yourself.

Now you would agree that room colours affect your mood. Then why settle for something dull in your most personal space? Yes, we are talking about bathrooms, that place in your home you start your day with. So give a refreshing design to your bathroom this season. For those who can’t afford to spend too much, bathroom re-design can pose quite a challenge. But with Framework’s state-of-the-art designing, that doesn’t burn a hole through your pocket, it is really easy.

Traditionally bathrooms didn’t get a whole lot of attention in the world of home d├ęcor and interior design. Big or small, bathrooms should always be well thought out and planned. One bathroom for every three bedrooms in the house is ancient history. Nowadays bathrooms are beautiful, well organized and modern.

It’s upto you if you like to keep it simple, neutral colours such as brown, beige or something in creams and whites. Though the most popular colour in bathrooms has to be yellow. It looks amazing anywhere and everywhere, whether it is about yellow floor tiles or other yellow accents in your bathroom. Bright colours on the other hand uplift your mood and add freshness to your space. Stunning vibrant positive and refreshing colours such as lime, orange, pink and red are also a great pick.

You can choose anything. We are positive that everything will work out perfect. So if you’re planning to renovate soon, we suggest you to renovate in style. We assure that you you pick the right colour and design and add that splash of magic to your home.